nergfoogle personal moment – The real Ervin Shlopnick

Again to make nergfoogle a more personable site, I’ve decided to share some more information about myself. A picture…

I have never shown a real picture of me on my blogs… As far as you know. The people that run the witness relocation program I am in, said it was for the best.

So I decided to show an old picture of me from the 80’s. And being it was just Veterans Day, I decided on an old Navy picture.

Here I am performing one of my many important Navy duties.  I believe this was a cardboard boat, I and a shipmate built to leave behind in the Mediterranean sea when we left to head home. It was sort of a tradition….. That we started.  As you can see, it was a very majestic looking ship that we were sure would sail the Mediterranean sea for years to come…. And if I recall correctly, it sank some 5 minutes after we set it afloat… Never said I was a good sailor.

Photo taken between 1986 and 1987.


Now, I’m sure you are wondering which one is me…

I’m the one wearing the Navy dungarees and I have my hand raised above my head.

Oh… and I’m smiling.

Still can’t figure it out…. GEESH, OK ,one more hint. I’m the white guy.