nergfoogle personal moment – The real Ervin Shlopnick

Again to make nergfoogle a more personable site, I’ve decided to share some more information about myself. A picture…

I have never shown a real picture of me on my blogs… As far as you know. The people that run the witness relocation program I am in, said it was for the best.

So I decided to show an old picture of me from the 80’s. And being it was just Veterans Day, I decided on an old Navy picture.

Here I am performing one of my many important Navy duties.  I believe this was a cardboard boat, I and a shipmate built to leave behind in the Mediterranean sea when we left to head home. It was sort of a tradition….. That we started.  As you can see, it was a very majestic looking ship that we were sure would sail the Mediterranean sea for years to come…. And if I recall correctly, it sank some 5 minutes after we set it afloat… Never said I was a good sailor.

Photo taken between 1986 and 1987.


Now, I’m sure you are wondering which one is me…

I’m the one wearing the Navy dungarees and I have my hand raised above my head.

Oh… and I’m smiling.

Still can’t figure it out…. GEESH, OK ,one more hint. I’m the white guy.


Happy Veterans Day

I’d like to take a moment to thank all our veterans who have served…

Including all my shipmates (Past & Present) on-board the USS Robert G. Bradley FFG49.


God Bless and be safe.