A few Christmas Observations

Here are a few Christmas observations, before I go back into exile.

Here is some nice X-mas music to enjoy as you go through these….


Hey Charlie Brown…… Let’s kill Lucy


Reindeer’s Big Night…. and guilt ridden morning.


Santa: Here is the ball you wanted Billy….

Billy: Kill me Santa…


Also gotta send someone to deal with the “Naughty List” you know….


Time to do some last minute Christmas shopping for the family members I’m not so close to….


The Nintendo game I would have liked to see when I was a kid….


Christmas is FABULOUS!!!!!


Let is snow….. Let it snow….. Let is snow.


I’ve placed a mistletoe above something, and you all get to kiss it.


Christmas wishes….


You want a Coke mother fucker????


Here is a Kiss under the missile toes…


As a Christmas gift to you all, here is a picture of my cock….


You know…. All the shit under the tree used to be for me, before you came…


On this weeks episode of “Elves Gone Wild”….


Get her the Santa Chocolate she’ll love….



Merry Christmas Everyone


A Christmas Mad Lib

Nergfoogle would like to wish all of our readers a Very Merry Christmas.

Xmas 2013

I personally don’t give a rat’s ass about the holiday. But I figured I should come out of my self created exile, to wish my readers the happiest of seasons…. Bah Humbug!!!

I personally am someone that is happier when this God awful holiday is over. My hatred for the season starts right after Halloween and reaches combustible proportions by the 25th of December. I mean it, I cannot stand this holiday. I believe it is related to all the shit that comes with it. For starters…. Why the fuck are there so many luxury car commercials during this season? Are there really that many people that can afford these over priced cars? Or do the dickheads that buy them demand that we all know how much Santa loves the rich more than the rest of us?

And WHAT THE FUCK  is up with that damn, “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” cartoon? You do know it was penned and illustrated by Satan himself, don’t you?

Oh, and now they have introduced headphones that can turn around to allow us all to hear the shit music others are listening to. Because God knows how much we all love to listen to OTHER PEOPLES music. I got stuck in an elevator with some 11 year old little shit, listening to Justin Bieber… She turned those damn things around to fill the closed confines we were all in with the blood draining sounds that only a prepubescent could enjoy.   I truly considered suicide at that moment….. More like murder suicide I guess.

The only solace I got out of this holiday season was that I was able to finally tell my son the truth about Santa…… He is an illegal alien and was deported.

But, even though I am not a fan of the season, I still do try to put on my best face for everyone else. And that is why I have dragged an oldie but a goody out of the deep dark regions of Hot Lard. Below is a Christmas mad lib I did several years ago. And because it is so loved (and I am lazy as hell) I’ve decide to beat this dead horse one more time for your enjoyment. Also, nergfoogle has not been around long enough to build as chilling, frighting, and soul sucking of a search terms list as Hot Lard has.

So, sit back relax and enjoy this Christmas gift from nergfoogle and Hot Lard.


A Very Merry Hot Lard Mad lib

 We are placing a Christmas Mad lib in your stocking. What we did for this one was to take the x-mas classic “The Night Before Christmas” and added all the sweet little search terms you horny elves have used to find our jolly little site. Remember, the red bold type words are the ones you reindeer rapist have come up with.

If you like, click on the video below to listen to sweet sweet Christmas music as you read.

The Christmas Adventures of Midget Porn


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While visions of fat midget porn danced in their heads;

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Had just settled down for a long anal aftermath,

When out on the rainbow bright there arose such a ejaculation,

I sprang from mary kate olsen’s butt to see what was the matter.

Away to the nude nuns I flew like a “crack head”,

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When, what to my wondering nut sack should appear,

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With a little old nude redneck , so lively and quick,



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To the top of the nude camp! to the top of the mudfall!

Now anal rape! anal rape! anal rape them all!”


As rotting teeth that before the wild hurricane fly,

When they meet with a tubgirl, mount to the sky,

So up to the tree man the coursers they cum in my eye,

With the sleigh full of hot football gays, and granny midget porn videos too.


And then, in a tub full of seaman, I heard on the roof

The hot midget asses of each little russian nude.

As I drew in my nude 54 yo, and was fucking sick midgets,

Down the large hot asses bad newz kennel came with a bound.

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But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight,

Burn in Hell, Mother Fucker, and i masturbated on your wife“.


Merry Christmas from nergfoogle

G4tnNPWBeen away for a good long while, and will remain away for a while more. But wanted to take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.